The BrainRehabilitator™ Integrates the Assessment of Dysregulated Brain Networks and Helps Guide Treatment:


Here are some of the ways that Clinicians Benefit by Using NeuroComp:

  • Measure the EEG and then rapidly compare the patient's brain Networks to a normative database to evaluate dysregulation in networks linked to the patient's symptoms such as the Addiction Network, Attention Network, Anxiety Network, Memory Network, Depression Network, etc. 

  • Provides an easy to read Assessment with Bar Graphs and Radar Maps.

  • No need to spend time creating a Patient/Client's symptom history after treatment - let the Brain Function Index™ do it for you.

  • Increase the probability of good clinical outcome by using EEG Neurofeedback to reinforce synaptic changes in the hubs of networks linked to the patient's symptoms and clinical history.

  • Enhance the clinical efficacy of Neurofeedback by using FDA approved low levels of electrical stimulation (tDCS) to reset phase relationships between groups of neurons and create a state of readiness for change before the Neurofeedback session.

  • Enhance clinical efficacy of Neurofeedback and other treatments by the use of Low Level Light Teherapy (Vielight) that activates the Cytochrom c molecule in brain mitochrondria to produce more ATP - the energy molecule.


Here are some of the ways that a Clinician Using NeuroComp Can Save Even More Time:

  • Saves time by providing seamless integration of brain stimulation and light therapy with EEG biofeedback to maximize improved clinical outcome.

  • Saves time by Producing a 20 page Clinical Report with Color Topographic Maps and LORETA 3-Dimensional Images to Inform Clinicians as to the Most Dysregulated Brain Networks Linked to Symptoms and then Track progress as the Brain Normalizes following Treatment.

  • Saves time in linking a Patient/Client's symptoms to dysregulation in Brodmann areas' nodes and connections between nodes using NeuroFeedbacl.